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Sparkling stardust is the stuff dreams are made of. Our world-class team around Dragonbird Films has set the ultimate goal of forging the best alliances to make those dreams come true and make them a reality.

Our spiritual vision is created together with our customers, together with our co-production partners, in order to further develop the individual projects in the best possible way, so that they can withstand the most diverse challenges in the national and international market and meet the demands of our enthusiastic fans to our complete satisfaction.

We deliberately use different formats and settings, because we believe only diversity is abundance

From serial development to individual formats. From comedy to thriller to historical pieces.

We listen carefully to what the market wants and deliver outstanding results.

current projects

Verena Altenberger as Chief Inspector Eyckhoff in her sixth and last case

watch it: 11.06. im Ersten

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.”

Francis Fulton-Smith has been in the film business for 30 years. With more than 150 roles and numerous awards (including BAMBI, German Actor Award etc.) on TV and on the screen, he is an integral part of Germany’s creative artists. The talented German/British is also attracting more and more international attention.

Most recently on Netflix with „Oktoberfest 1900“, or the alien invasion „SPIDES“ on Amazon Prime

“Blackout” on Joyn and RTL “Die Diplomatin” (ARD), “Wilsberg” (ZDF), “STUBBE” (ARD) “Die Toten von Salzburg” (ZDF) and many more.

Since 2011 he has been steadily building a name as a producer:

After the great PrimeTime successes for Degeto’s “Der Athen Krimi” and “Totenfieber”, he co-produced two short films. “He and She” was awarded the title “particularly valuable” and won over 200 Awards at festivals worldwide.

This was followed by „Somebody“. Based on a true story, the war drama on the Russian Eastern Front celebrated its world premiere at the EIFF Festival in Edmonton, Canada and immediately won the Jury Prize and Audience Prize for Best Film.

More than 80 awards followed worldwide, including Biberach, Malta, Nazareth, Cleveland, Oakland, Manhattan Short, Palm Springs and finally the Oscar qualification in 2019.

In November 2022, DRAGONBIRD FILMS realized the PrimeTime format POLIZEIRUF 110 “PARANOIA” directed by Tobias Ineichen for the Bairischer Rundfunk Broadcaster


Media coverage “LeuteHeute” Jörg Steffin ZDF

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.”